About Us

We have been chartered by the First Presbyterian Church since around 1918, though we are a non-denominational Troop with members from many religious backgrounds.

Troop 312 was established on June 14, 1911 with C.H. Johnson as Scoutmaster. The Chief scout was Ernest Thompson Seton, one of the founders of Boy Scouts of America.

This troop is sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Michigan. The church has been the sponsoring organization most of the time since 1918.

We are the oldest troop in Michigan and the 15th oldest in the nation. Theodore Roosevelt was the honorary vice president of the troop at its beginning.

One of the primary programs of the troop is its outdoor program. Using Canoes, hiking, biking and backpacking, we are a high adventure troop!

We camp nearly every month of the year, and typically go on a high adventure trip every other year. Our most recent high adventure trips include Backpacking on Isle Royale, a backpacking trip near Mt. Rushmore. and an adventure trip through Colorado.